Stairway to Heaven… ly Legs- A Great Outdoor Stair Workout!

Summer is my all time favorite workout time of the year.  There’s just something about having the ability to sweat your ass off while getting a tan that I love.  With that said, I try and avoid doing cardio in a gym at all costs.  My go to outdoor workout will always be the stadium stairs.  There’s nothing that cuts your legs up better and helps tone your glutes more than stairs.  A good HIIT workout I did the other day that will not only kill your legs and glutes, but also help burn the fat off is below:

    • Warm up: Walk or jog a few times around the track and walk a few flights of the stairs just to make sure you are warmed up.  *Don’t go too hard during this warm up, remember you want to save your energy for the actual workout!  Do some stretching if you need to. 
    • High Intensity Cardio Set: Sprint up/walk down the flights of stairs. Try to get in 6 flights of stairs with little to no rest in between. 
    • Low Intensity Cardio Set: Walk or lightly jog once around the track (remember you are trying to conserve your energy here for the next set of sprints)
    • Repeat this cycle 6 times
    • Toning Set: Then do lunges up the stairs and walk down. Try for 6 flights of stairs with little to no rest in between.  Then walk or lightly jog around the track.  Repeat that 3 times. 
    • Cooldown: walk around the track once or twice
    • Add this in for a month or two and see what a difference it makes in your legs!
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