For Those Days You Just Can’t Make it to the Gym

Nothing is worse than when you are on a workout kick, and your schedule suddenly has no room for the gym.  Don’t let those days throw you off track.  Just because the workout doesn’t take place in a gym, doesn’t mean it isn’t a workout.  Check out this quick workout that can fit into any crazy schedule.  **Side note, I have been known to curl my hair in between rounds on those days that are just that crazy!
Do 4 rounds of the circuit (take a 1-2 minute rest at the end of each round of the circuit, or when needed)
1. 50 Butt Kicks
2. 20 Alternating Side Lateral Squats
3. 10 Push Ups
4. 15 Bodyweight Squats
5. 50 Jumping Jacks
6. 10 Jump Squats
7. 50 Mountain Climbers
8. 10 Walkouts
9. 20 Alternating Front Lunges
10. 50 Bicycle Crunches




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