DIY Rhinestone Shoes: How To Bedazzle Your Sneakers

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If you are anything like me, you wish the world was a little more sparkly.  I recently came across pictures on Instagram of rhinestone sneakers and just had to have them!  The problem was, I couldn’t really find any that were pre-made that I liked, and the services to gem pre-owned ones were SO EXPENSIVE! So instead of accepting defeat, I channeled the DIY-er in me and made my own.  Guess what-it was so easy and definitely worth the two Keeping Up With The Kardashians episodes it took to do it (had I not been watching TV, it probably would have taken even less time).

Supplies You Will Need:

-Stone Setter

Step 1: Decide Where You Want to Stone

Chose the area that you want to stone.  Pick an area that won’t be too difficult to cover, and also won’t have a high possibility of being rubbed of.  For mine, I chose to do the Nike swoosh on the outside of the shoes.  I didn’t do the insides due to the possibility the shoes would make contact when I walked, hitting the stones off.

Step 2: Buy Supplies

You will need the following:
1. Stones (I think the best are Swarovski stones, and have heard Preciosa are a good, cheaper runner-up)
◊I have bought mine from NYBeadBoutique on Etsy and , and have had great experiences ordering on both sites.
◊The best way to pick a color is to Google the name of the color of the stones, and then look at the image results.  You want to see an image with the stones on an actual product.  I have found the descriptions on the colors and the stock images of the stones to be very off from what they look like in real life.
◊Decide what size stones you want.  For my shoes I went with 16ss.  Going with a smaller size increases how many stones you will need, as well as the time it will take to do.  Going too big can look tacky, or just not look right.  I always try and stay between 16ss and 20ss. 
◊Go with the flat back stones that are NOT Hotfix.  You will be gluing these yourself, so theres no need for the Hotfix backing.  
◊They usually come in bunches of 144 pcs and 1440 pcs.  To cover my two swooshes in size 16ss, I went with two orders of 144 pcs.  I had quite a bit left over, but would not have been able to do it with only one order of 144 pcs. 
  • 2. Glue- The best glue for projects like this is E6000 Fabri-Fuse.  You can find it HERE.  I found out about this through a Dance Mom Blog (those ladies know how to gem anything).
  • 3. Jewel Setters- These were life savers.  I recommend buying a pack of 2 (See Here).  I ended up using one to pick up the stones, and the other one to place it. 

Step 3: Clean the Area That You Will Stone

Wipe the area off with soap and water.  Let it dry before stoning.  You want to make sure you have a clean area before attaching the stones, or else they may not attach right.

Step 4: Decide How You Will Stone

You need to decide what pattern you want to stone in.  I have found the best is to figure out what areas you need to be straight.  Start with a straight line at that area, and work down or out from there.  Each line will be staggered to the one next to it, so there will be some areas that won’t be able to be lined up in a perfectly straight line.  One thing that you don’t want to do is start with an area like a circle and work your way from the outside in.  This will more than likely leave you with a space in the middle that is big enough to bother you, but not big enough to fit a stone in (talking from personal experience…)

Step 5: Attach Stones

I found the easiest, cleanest way was to put a glob of glue on a piece of paper or cardboard. Then make sure all the stones are facing right side up (if you get glue on your fingers, you don’t want to have to turn over stones and risk getting glue on them).  Then take the jewel setter and press the sticky part down on a stone., taking the stone and dipping it in the glue.  Use as little as possible to cover the bottom of the stone.  This will prevent glue from being everywhere on the shoe and looking messy.  Do that over and over until the area is covered.
There you have it, an easy guide to adding a little more sparkle to your life (and your workout gear ). The good news is, once you see how easy it is to gem something, your bedazzling options are endless!

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