DIY Pumpkin Face Mask: Get Glowing Skin From Things in Your Fridge

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If pumpkin was a season, it would definitely be fall.  There’s something about the leaves changing that gets us in the mood for pumpkin tasting everything.  Nothing against the delicious snacks, but do you know what pumpkin benefits more than our taste buds?  Our skin!  Pumpkin is packed with Vitamin A and Vitamin C that is great for collagen production, along with alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) that help with cell turn over and brightness.  Mix that with some cream (for hydration) and honey (for soothing), and you have a powerful mask made from ingredients in your fridge!

Mask Ingredients :

*1 Tbsp pumpkin puree
*1 tsp Heavy Whipping Cream
* 1 tsp Honey (get real honey, not the cheap imitation stuff that is in the little bear bottle)
**Optional: ½ tsp Glycolic Acid 7-10% (I buy the Ordinary Brand – it’s super cheap!)
Mix all the ingredients together.  Apply to face and leave on for 10-15 minutes.  If you added the Glycolic Acid, remove sooner if it starts to burn, which can happen with sensitive skin.
Now you have an excuse to enjoy pumpkin year round 🙂

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