Baby Got Back

Girls may want a bigger butt, or thicker thighs, but I have yet to hear a girl say she wishes she had a thicker waist.  We like our waists as small as possible.  Some girls are blessed with a longer torso, making it easier to achieve a tiny waist, others (like me) must count on a lot of work, diet and some magic tricks.  One of my favorite magic tricks for getting a smaller waist is building a bigger back.  For those of us with short torsos or wide rib cages, there’s only so much you can lose before you get to the point that you would have to remove bones (not recommended).  Instead, I suggest building up your back.  This gives the illusion of a smaller waist without having to actually make your waist smaller-it’s all about the illusion 😊.  Give the Back workout below a try, and see how little you can get your waist looking!

Back Workout

1. Lat Pulldowns (wide grip)        3 sets of 15 Reps
2. Lat Pulldowns (close grip)       3 sets of 15 Reps
3. Cable Rows (close grip)          3 sets of 12 Reps
4. Cable Straight Bar Pushdowns  3 sets of 15 Reps
5. One Arm Dumbbell Rows        4 sets of 10 Reps
*Do all sets of each exercise before moving to the next exercise.
**Use a weight that makes you struggle with the last few reps on each set.
**Rest 45-60 seconds in between sets
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